Eric Oram
Eric OramCo-Owner
A Wyoming educator, athletic coach and fishing guide for over 16 years, Eric spent all of his guiding years on his home waters of Two Rivers Fishing Company. He loves streamer fishing and is always tying and testing new patterns to fool big fish. Eric enjoys teaching all aspects of fly fishing, fly tying, rod building, rowing a drift boat and catching fish. The biggest catch of Eric’s life is his beautiful wife, Liz, and their three children.
Bryan Lane
Bryan LaneGuide Manager
Bryan was first introduced to fishing by his parents when he was only 3 years old. By the time he turned 5, his father and uncle gave him his own small pack frame and they set off on many backpack fishing adventures in the High Sierra Mountains of California/Nevada. Bryan was “hooked” and has been an avid fisherman ever since.
Micah Allen
Micah AllenStore Manager / Guide
Micah has been fishing as long as he can remember and fly fishing since he was 10. After cutting his teeth in the Ozarks chasing bass and gar, he got hooked on trout while chasing high alpine cutthroat in Idaho. After attending Sweetwater Guide School he began guiding trips in North Carolina and Tennessee and eventually made his way to Pinedale, where he splits his time between the shop and on the river.
Liam Cunningham
Liam CunninghamGuide
After graduating with a degree in Outdoor Leadership, Liam decided to chase his dream of being a full-time fly fishing guide. Liam moved to Pinedale shortly after graduation and fell in love with chasing the massive Brown trout in both the Green and the New Fork rivers while also stalking Cutthroat in the area’s crystal clear creeks.
Eli Crumley
Eli CrumleyGuide
The foothills of the Appalachian Mountains is where Eli calls home. He has had a passion for fishing since he could walk-flinging flies at trout in southern Appalachia. Eli attended Young Harris College on a golf scholarship, but off the course you could always find him fishing in the Georgia and North Carolina mountains. As soon as he finished college he started his guiding career and has been sharing his passion for fly fishing with others ever since.
Trey Wall
Trey WallGuide
Born and raised in Georgia, Trey developed a passion for playing outdoors at an early age. Whether it was catching bluegill on a dock, chasing deer in the woods, or building a stick fort, it was never enough outdoor time. Trey’s first introduction to fly fishing came when he moved to the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia to attend Young Harris College.
Jesse McGettrick
Jesse McGettrickGuide
Jesse has been obsessed with fish since the time he could walk. He’s been with Two Rivers for over a decade and in that time has mastered the layout of our local waters. He thrives on chasing trophy fish with streamers and mousing under the stars. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves sharing that with anyone he can.
Casey Thomas
Casey ThomasLake Guide
Casey enjoyed fishing around his hometown Afton, Wyoming as a young kid but it wasn’t until he inherited a fly rod at age 10 when he became obsessed with fishing and fly tying. Fly fishing consumed his thoughts through the years.
Brian Summerall
Brian SummerallGuide
Brian Summerall was raised in Sublette County on the Green River from the age of 7. He started fly fishing at the age of 8 with instruction from his father, Jim, and Godparents, Pat and Norm Negus. He graduated from Pinedale High School in 2002. He then proudly served our country in the United States Air Force until 2006. After 14 years as an oilfield engineer, he has returned home to his beloved Kendall Valley, again living on the Green River. He is happy to join the team at Two Rivers Fishing and is excited to take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!
Joshua Fog
Joshua FogGuide
Joshua was born and raised in Iowa but took backpacking trips in Wyoming every summer from ages 10-18. He grew up fishing rivers and lakes in the Bighorns, the Tetons and the Wind River Range, as well as the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota and his home water in Iowa.
Curtis Larsen
Curtis LarsenGuide
Curtis grew up in Utah, where there was never a shortage of hunting or fishing opportunities. He developed a passion for fly fishing and the outdoors at a young age, and that passion grows bigger with each passing year.
Shelbi McNeil
Shelbi McNeilGuide
Shelbi is a 4th generation Wyoming native who was blessed to be raised with the Shoshone River running through her backyard. She began spin fishing at age 9 with only her dog and her walkie-talkie for company.
Jon Hawes
Jon HawesGuide
Jon just moved back to Pinedale after living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the past 32 years, a move he says “feels like coming home” as his family has maintained a residence here since he was a toddler.
Andrew Behrend
Andrew BehrendGuide
Andrew grew up in southeast Michigan and was introduced to fishing at a young age. He took advantage of the diverse fisheries of the state as much as possible. When he was a teenager, he was introduced to fly fishing and has been obsessed ever since.
Jacob Friesen
Jacob FriesenGuide
Jacob Friesen grew up in Montana where he spent his high school and college days backpacking, skiing, rock and ice climbing. After an injury, he turned to fly fishing and discovered the joy, beauty and peace of the river.
Kolten Gregory
Kolten GregoryGuide
Kolten has spent his entire life traveling across southern Wyoming, hunting and fishing. After working a wide array of different careers around the state from fighting fires for the Forest Service to public access technician for Wyoming Game and Fish and cowboying on a variety of ranches, he finally decided to chase his passion and help people get outside and enjoy this great state he calls home.
Paul Ulrich
Paul UlrichGuide
Paul began his life-long obsession with fishing at just 3-years old in Wrangell, Alaska. He is a fourth-generation Wyoming native and grew up fishing and hunting in Meeteetse and Cody. Paul has been fishing rivers, streams and lakes in Wyoming and beyond since childhood and loves sharing his passion.
Katie Lane
Katie LaneGuide
Having grown up in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Alaska, and Oregon), combined with a career in biology of over 20 years, Katie has had the opportunity to spend her entire life exploring the outdoors and fishing many incredible streams.
Kyle Burrell
Kyle BurrellGuide
Kyle Burrell was born and raised in the Chattooga River country of northeast Georgia and has been seriously fly fishing, fly tying, and building custom fly rods since 1984. Kyle has an extensive resume when it comes to trout fishing. He has a Master’s Degree in Forest Resources Management with a concentration on coldwater fisheries and is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain.
Rusti Christensen
Rusti ChristensenGuide
Come spend a day fly fishing with Rusti and you’ll know the joy of fly fishing as it is meant to be! She has spent a lifetime enjoying the sport with family and friends and early on became a guide. Her gratitude for life and fun took her on an around the world adventure, serving our great country with the United States Navy. Rusti’s gentleness, coupled with her years of experience guiding and her absolute fun nature make spending time with her a reward in itself
Mike Kaul
Mike KaulGuide
Mike Kaul, a western Wyoming native, started fly fishing at age 8 under the tutelage of his grandfather on the renowned Green and New Fork Rivers. He has taken every opportunity in the past 48 years to cast a fly to wily trout that inhabit the many streams around Pinedale, which flow from the Wind River Mountains.
Connor Bailey
Connor BaileyGuide
Connor was born and raised in Pinedale and started fishing at a young age. By the time he turned ten, he found fly fishing and has never looked back. Since he has grown up exploring and fishing our area waters, his knowledge of the rivers here is nearly unmatched. After graduation, he poured all of his passion into guiding and can typically be found on the water any day of the year. In the rare instances he’s not fishing, you can find him woodworking, tying flies or shed hunting in the local Wind River and Wyoming mountain ranges. Connor can’t wait to show you what our local waters have to offer.
Austin Keene
Austin KeeneGuide
Having grown up on trout waters in the mountains of Virginia, fly rods were the norm for Austin throughout his childhood. That passion grew with age and he ventured west to find the scenic peaks, crystal-clear rivers, and infamous trout that filled his dreams. He began his guiding career in 2004 in the backcountry of Idaho. In 2005, he graduated from the Western Rivers Professional Guide School, and in 2010 from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science.
Kaden Hartman
Kaden HartmanGuide
Kaden is from northern Utah by way of the Uinta Basin. Kaden is a Firefighter/Paramedic with an immense passion for fly fishing and the outdoors. He began fly fishing at the age of 10 with his grandfather. He began his guiding experience on the Green River in Utah and can’t wait to share a boat with you in pursuit of the fish of your dreams!
Nate Baldwin
Nate BaldwinGuide
Nathan grew up hunting and fishing in Southwest Wyoming. He started fly fishing when he was a teenager on small streams and creeks, but he really fell in love with it in college in Laramie. While in Laramie, Nathan would fish the plains lakes, learning stillwater techniques and occasionally traveling back to his hometown of Rock Springs to fish the Green River and other bodies of water nearby. He spent his summers in college working for the Game, Fish and Parks in South Dakota, where he fished the Missouri River and small grassland ponds. While in South Dakota, he caught various species of bass, pike and carp on the fly. After graduating college with a bachelor’s in Wildlife and Fisheries Management, he moved back to Southwest Wyoming, where he fished the Green River below Fontenelle Dam for the last six years. After working various jobs, Nathan wanted to share his fishing passion with others, so he turned to guiding. When Nathan is not fishing, he enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends, hunting waterfowl and big game throughout Wyoming and other western states.
Ben Shuckra
Ben ShuckraGuide
Ben Shuckra is one of the youngest guides in the Two Rivers fleet at 18 years of age, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lifetime of experience. Born in SLC, he would spend long summers fly fishing with his grandfather, Jack Dennis. At age 4, Ben would fish alongside his grandfather, absorbing the knowledge and rowing the boat. In addition to fly fishing, Ben is an excellent skier, competing regularly across the country. He also coaches the junior freeride athletes on his rest days.
Though a young guide, he has over 14 years of experience fishing in the waters throughout Pinedale. In the off-season, Ben studies Parks, Recreation and Tourism and works at a renowned heli-skiing company.
Matt Mueller
Matt MuellerGuide
Matt was born and raised in the flat lands of Nebraska. After completing college for Elementary Education, he moved to Worland, WY, for his first teaching job. This is when he fell in love with fly fishing and has grown a passion for the art! Teaching youth was a driving force for starting a youth fly fishing program in the Worland community. Matt is great with all ages and skill levels, so don’t be worried if you have never picked up a fly rod in your life; he will get you going in the right direction! He enjoys spending his free time with his family, camping, coaching, building rods, and tying flies! If you want to experience some great fishing and make some amazing memories, Matt would be a great guide to go with.
Joe Holland
Joe HollandGuide
As a pioneer, my great-grandfather Edward Martin first crossed the Green and New Fork Rivers in 1847. Since reading about his journey, I have become fascinated with the history and fishing in Wyoming’s upper Green River Valley.
A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, I spent my early years with my family at our cabin near the East Fork of the Bear River on the Utah-Wyoming border. I spent most weekends searching for hidden beaver dams and casting hoppers to unsuspecting trout.
The drive to find hidden hot spots was all-consuming and often required sprinting home to make it back in time for dinner. The unintentional workouts led to a track scholarship, the fifth fastest all-time University of Utah record in the 400 Meter, and a degree in Economics.
I took a fly fishing class in my final quarter of college and haven’t put the fly rod down since. My passion drifted to two-handed rods and fishing the Clearwater River for B-run steelhead.
For the last 28 years, you would likely find me in the offices of my property management company, working with condominium, apartment and small commercial offices along the Wasatch Front and Park City. I spend my free time with the love of my life, Julie, and our pets, Finley and Theodore.
Collin Sheffield
Collin SheffieldGuide
Growing up in the Etowah River valley of Georgia, Collin says his passion for the outdoors just comes naturally. Collin’s love for trout fishing started when he was three, winning the local Trout Unlimited kids’ trout rodeo three years in a row. You can thank his grandfather, Hugh, for introducing him to fly fishing by sitting at the bass pond catching blue gill on crudely tied flies that his grandad encouraged him to tie. Since then, he has continuously worked on his tying skills and chased the big bite from all species. The chase has led Collin all over Appalachia, fishing some of the best water that North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee had to offer.
Collin attended Young Harris College in the north Georgia mountains, where the trout streams became his backyard. He used this to his advantage, getting to see the water multiple times per week instead of the yearly fishing trip to blue ridge. Shortly after graduation, Collin attended Vail Valley Anglers guide school in May 2017. The knowledge gained from guide school changed his approach to fly fishing completely. Collin returned to Georgia, where he started building homes for a premier home builder. He was eventually tasked with opening the Chattanooga branch and helping it grow. Every weekend though, you would find Collin dropping his boat in the river or chasing the native brooks of the Appalachia.
Stefan Thomas
Stefan ThomasGuide
Stefan is a Park City, Utah native now laying down roots in Pinedale. He’s an avid outdoorsman with a passion for skiing, climbing, and fly fishing. He’s been casting a line in the rivers of Utah and Wyoming for over 25 years.

He retired from a career of professional skiing in 2011. During his career, he traveled the world for competitions and filming big mountain skiing. When he’s not fishing, he coaches the Wasatch Freestyle Big Mountain and Terrain Park teams, mentoring many rising athletes.

Stefan has a degree in biological chemistry and worked in the department of genetics, studying fly development and metabolism, giving him an edge for understanding how and why flies develop in differing conditions. A day on the water with Stefan is bound to be adventurous, educational, and fun.

Alec Giacoletto
Alec GiacolettoGuide / Outdoor Writer
Alec grew up in Yellowstone as a native to the region. He grew up between Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming and rotated between all states the Great Yellowstone Ecosystem touches. From a young age, he fell in love with fishing. His parents often joke that he was “born with a rod in his hand.” His dad, an avid fisherman, taught Alec to cast a fly rod at ten years old. In high school, he turned to fly fishing as his preferred angling technique, as it claimed a permanent place among his priorities. Even while serving in the U.S. Army, which involved a 2013 Afghanistan deployment, Alec found time for fly fishing. Stationed at Fort Drum, New York (in upstate New York), he pursued numerous cold and warm freshwater fish species. He fell in love with chasing smallmouth bass with a fly rod in particular. After the Army, Alec attended Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. To fill his summers, he worked as a fly shop retail employee, fly shop manager, and fly fishing guide (out of West Yellowstone, Montana, and Bozeman). Trout competed with school for his top priority during these years, resulting in countless memories of chasing fish across southwest Montana, Yellowstone Park, Idaho, and Wyoming. From 2021-2022, after graduating college, Alec returned to Cody, Wyoming and guided two full seasons. In 2022, he made a career shift and started teaching high school English, along with coaching basketball, while also launching an outdoor content writing career specifically focused on fly fishing stories and projects. Alec has a love for fishing and teaching others the sport of fly fishing. His life’s work is to inspire others to grow relationships with our amazing fisheries and protect them for future generations.
Harley Edwards
Harley EdwardsGuide
Harley was born and raised in Preston, Idaho and has lived in the Cache Valley his whole life. He comes from a long line of fishermen. Harley has fished all the lakes and rivers around the Preston area with his father, his Uncle Tom and his Grandpa Don. He also fished the Grey’s River in Wyoming every year from the age of three. He was raised on spin fishing until he took up Fly fishing and hasn’t been able to stop since.

Harley decided to turn his passion into a profession. He attended guide school in Warm River, Idaho. With the help and support of his family, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional guide in the spring of 2023. Harley took his first guide job at Island Park, spending the summer with his family, guiding walk and wade trips until his dream of getting his own drift boat came to fruition. After the fun-filled summer of 2023, Harley accepted the role of fishing guide in Pinedale, Wyoming. He is fulfilling a dream that his dad, uncle and grandpas would have loved to do.

We are always seeking motivated individuals to join our team!