The Wind River Range is notorious for its rugged, rocky terrain and its beauty. Trailhead elevations range from between 8,000-9,200 feet, and our hikes can go up to 11,000 feet or more, so you should expect to feel effects of altitude (such as shortness of breath) if you are not acclimated. The trails are frequently uneven, rocky, and narrow-sturdy hiking boots or shoes are required. We will hike around 5-8 miles per day, depending on the terrain. Each party member must have at least a moderate level of cardiovascular fitness. Expect to cover at least 2 miles per hour. Each person should plan on carrying a light daypack with some food, 2-3 liters of water, rain gear and personal effects, while the llamas will carry the remaining equipment. There are gear requirements and restrictions, especially as relates to weight. These must be followed precisely-no exceptions. You will receive a packing list upon registration-you can also see it here.