Fishing Report October 21, 2022

eli with a small cutty

The season is winding down as we get ready to close up shop for the season and prepare for winter, but that isn’t stopping us from getting some more fishing in before the rivers freeze. We are still ice-free for the time being and should still be two or three weeks out for much to form around the banks. Nights are cold, but the days are still capping at 65 or more degrees. Browns are almost fully on redds in most areas, but rainbows and cutthroat are still out and about.

For those that aren’t quite ready to hang up their fly rods, we’ve got a new offering of late-fall float trips. Just a few hours away (and a few thousand feet lower elevation) the weather is warmer and there are months left in the season. Click here for more details about Thermopolis float trips.

Green River: 173 CFS @ Warren Bridge
Streamer fishing is still the way to go, as fish have stacked up below beds to feed. Just make sure to fish deep holes to not disturb spawning browns. Darker and more natural colors are likely to be productive. The water is low, so fish get a better look at flies, especially streamers, so attractors aren’t as necessary.
Flies to try: Ebony, Mini Kill-Whitey, Swim Coach

New Fork: 322 CFS @ Big Piney
The story of spawning browns is the same on both the New Fork and Green rivers, but more fish have stacked in slow, deep holes on the New Fork. Nymphing tactics as well as some smaller streamers have proven productive, and fish are on the move.
Flies to try: 20-incher Stone, Beadless Hare’s Ear, Tung Jig Fauci

Seedskadee: 963 CFS @ Fontenelle
The section just below the dam is closed off for a few months, so be sure not to cross the barrier. Big rainbows are really active right now if you’re willing to fish between clumps of moss. Classic tailwater flies always work this time of year, but realistically anything with a hot bead will stand out.
Flies to try: Duracell, Hot Jig Pheasant Tail, Ray Charles

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