Shelbi with another lunker

The “big flush” is finally upon us. The rivers are running high, and outside of a few small spring creeks and tailwaters, floating is the ticket. The Green and New Fork rivers are seeing high points in flows for the season, meaning big foam is just around the corner. Although we have heard whispers of salmon fly sightings, it’s still nymph and streamer time for now. In many places, the water will be dirty and over the banks, which means a plethora of food is being swept into the river system, giving the trout their first opportunity for a big meal this year.

Green River: 3,210 CFS @ Warren Bridge
The Green is high but more easily fishable than the New Fork Right Now. It’s on a steady rise but hasn’t had a huge spike in a few days, allowing the fish to remain calm. With water over the banks and lower than usual visibility, large and flashy bugs are necessary. Flies with sparkly colors and bigger profiles will do the trick.
Flies to try: Silverman’s Sparkle Worm, Jake’s Depth Charge, Nemec Stone

New Fork: 4,210 CFS @ Big Piney
The New Fork River is huge right now, but that doesn’t mean the fish don’t have to eat. With water rushing through the grass and willows along the bank, loads of insects and worms are being flushed into the water. If you can get into a boat, sloughs and backwaters will likely be where the fish are hanging. Much like the Green, big ugly bugs should do the trick.
Flies to try: Leather Worm, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Galloup’s Bangtail

Seedskadee: 1,090 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam
It appears they are still trying to fill Fontenelle Reservoir because nothing much has changed regarding flow rates. The fishing is still hot down there, and if you don’t want to fish the high water up here, Seedskadee is a great option for floating or wading right now. More and more fish are beginning to eat on the surface, but with this nasty weather we are experiencing right now, the all-out top-water frenzy will probably be postponed a few more days at least.
Flies to try: San Juan Worm, Jiggy BWO, Ray Charles

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