Kolten with a cutthroat

I hope you had a meaningful Memorial Day, folks. Spring has still yet to produce a consistent week of weather. We’ve had rain and snow multiple days per week. Almost all SNOTEL stations are reading above average, so it looks like we will have a great runoff this season. Even after a lackluster winter, we should have cool water and healthy fish throughout the season. We can finally feel a bit relaxed and look forward to a strong runoff. We’ve seen the first of our larger bumps in flows this week, with the Green and New Fork Rivers cresting 1,000 CFS for the first time this season. Rainy days brought muddy waters with decreased visibility, but we couldn’t be bothered. Bring on worm season!

Green River: 1,070 CFS @ Warren Bridge
The cold days are still cold, but the warmer days of the weeks keep getting warmer. With the snow in the lower reaches of the high country beginning to melt, the rivers are slowly creeping up. Earlier this week saw as little as 8-10 inches of visibility on the Green, but that seems to be rapidly improving as this first flush comes to a close.
Flies to try: Pat’s Rubber Legs, FKA Prince, Squirmie Worm

New Fork: 1,430 CFS @ Big Piney
The New Fork River has seen quite a bit more of a push with some warmer days this past week and muddied up like the Green. The East fork and Boulder creek are the culprits once again, but they seem to be calming down and the river is clearing up. Expect an increase in visibility to at least a foot in the next few days.
Flies to try: Sparkle Worm, Butt Monkey, Twenty-Incher Stone

Seedskadee: 1,110 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam
Not much has changed with only a 300 CFS increase in flow as the Green below Fontanelle is quite a large river. The river hasn’t seen a big bump, most likely due to an attempt to allow Fontanelle Reservoir to fill up after last year’s low-water season. However, fishing hasn’t suffered a bit. The post-spawn rainbows are still fat and happy.
Flies to try: Dead Body Scud, CH Beldar, Glass Bullet

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