Shelbi Holding Brown Trout

With the boost in moisture throughout April, we welcomed a few sporadic nicer days here in Pinedale, while most of the first week of May has continued to be cooler and a bit wet. We haven’t lost virtually any of our high-country snowpack, but we did get a small bump in CFS on the Green River, with more of the snow below 9,000 feet melting away. For the most part, the fish we are seeing are still coming from nymphs and streamers, with relatively aggressive takes on more productive days.

Green River: 334 CFS @ Warren Bridge
The Green River continues to be most productive for streamers, with most coming from the small to medium-sized bugs. With the 100 or so flow bump this week, the water has become slightly discolored but with two to three feet of visibility. The tea-colored water makes a perfect cover for larger browns to ambush small fish. We have also found the trout mostly tucked into the structure and deep banks, not ready to feed in the middle of open runs and riffles.Flies to try: Goldie, Mini Kill-Whitey, Headbanger Sculpin

New Fork: 255 CFS @ Big Piney
The New Fork hasn’t moved up at all, but a high-elevation storm that sat above New Fork Lakes and parts of the Wind River Range kept it cold and stopped any more melt from happening for the time being. The water on the New Fork is gin clear so beware of where and how you approach holes you plan to fish. Nymphs have still been the best, especially lower down where there is much more water for fish to pile into those deep, slow holes.
Flies to try: Glass Bullet, Twisted Worm, Copperback Stone

Seedskadee: 824 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam
The Rainbow spawn is wrapping up, and the post-spawn fish are hungry and ready to eat! The bows generally get aggressive this time of year and eat just about anything as long as the presentation is correct. The fish are mostly sitting in deeper runs and riffles and haven’t filled into the banks yet. Blue winged olives have been hatching occasionally along with some small midges, but not many fish have looked up at them yet. We suspect risers to begin showing themselves soon, and this is one of the best times of the year to book one of our highly experienced guides to take you down to the “Land of the Giants” and attempt to stick a fish of a lifetime.
Flies to try: Full-size Dungeon, Hot-bead Sow Bug, Parachute BWO

June is the start of our busiest season around here, and it is rapidly approaching. If you want to make sure you get a spot with one of our guides for the best time of year to fish, make sure you get locked in ASAP.

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