MJ with a brown trout

Big smiles somehow make the rain disappear, M.J. with a slab of butter to warm the heart.

Well folks, we’ve had our first frost of the year in Pinedale, and that means it’s time to dust off the waders and cover your garden at night. This past week we’ve seen cooler weather and rain, which the fish are loving. Water temps have been staying consistently in the green zone, and water levels are up a bit. Fish are happy, hungry, and still whacking big foam like Purple Peanuts and Chubbies. With the consistent cooler water, we don’t have to be on the water really early either, which is nice. This coming week looks to hold some great fishing weather with daytime highs in the low to mid 70’s and lows in the low 40’s. In other words, it’s still game on.

Green River: 323 CFS @ Warren Bridge. Chubbies, pick a color and size. Tricos are still popping up, and we’re seeing some caddis hatches here and there. Hoppers are out and about getting takes near grassy banks. Nymph season is starting to creep back in, and a Formerly Known as Prince or Two Bit Hooker dropped off a big dry are racking up points.

New Fork River: 328 CFS @ Big Piney. Streamer junkies, it’s time to start getting excited again. Lower water temps have more of the big bruisers moving after Dungeons and small baitfish patterns. For the dry fly enthusiasts, we’re still throwing big foam and getting crushing takes on the surface. Don’t neglect the small stuff though, as tricos and BWO’s are popping in the slower water.

Seedskadee: 633 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam. Reports out of the top stretch just below the dam are of fairly heavy traffic, but with lower water temps getting down into Seedskadee is getting to be more productive. The further down you go, the fewer fish you’ll find, but the size goes up. Keep checking water temps as you get into the afternoon; we’re still seeing it pushing 70 late in the afternoon.

Lakes: Backcountry lakes keep on producing in the high country. Golden trout are getting tough up there, but the rainbows, cuts, and brookies are more than happy to please. Scuds, balanced leeches, and chironomids are the ticket subsurface and caddis, beetles, and ants are getting a lot of action on top. Frontycountry lakes are doing well also with Kokanee starting to move into relatively shallower water as they get ready to make their spawning runs. The big lakers are still being a bit stubborn, but there’s plenty of pups willing to please, and the rainbows are always on the hunt for flashy trolled lures.

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