Jesse Brown Trout

Jesse’s tip of the day: Really big sunglasses mean buying less sunscreen. We’re not sure he has eyes in there.

Well, folks, it’s Rendezvous weekend in Pinedale. We’ve got parades, rodeos, late-night bar shenanigans, people walking around in buckskins, and my personal favorite, Juan and Belinda’s taco truck supplying the best shrimp tacos this side of the border. If all of that’s not enough for you, we also have a whole lot of really great fishing going on. We’ve been banging them up on dry flies from one side of the county to the other, and boy howdy, it’s been good. We’re getting a lot of questions about water levels and temps, and the long and short of it is, yes, the water is lower than it should be right now. With that in mind, get out there early and use your thermometer throughout the day. Use a net, fight them fast, and keep ’em wet after landing. If you’ve got a picture-worthy fish and just can’t live without it, get the camera ready and make it quick. That picture should be taken fast enough that there’s still water dripping off the fish, then get that bad boy back in the water pronto. See above for reference. Water temps over 70 are really, really bad for trout, and when that happens, it’s time to let them do what they need to do to survive. If you haven’t figured it out yet, there are a bunch of huge fish in the lakes around here too, so when the river temps get into the red, grab your stillwater box and spend the rest of the afternoon exploring. There’s a couple of lifetimes’ worth of lakes in the area to check out and a whole slew of different species to get into.

Superheroes? When you’re a couple of months into guide season and haven’t had a day off in weeks, things get weird—two of the best in the biz displaying signs of cooked brain.


And now for The Fishy Stuff:

Green River: 562 CFS @ Warren Bridge. Bring everything. Seriously. We’re seeing a lot of different bugs going on throughout the day right now. The heavy hitters have been red or purple Chubbies in 12-14, Film Critic Gray Drakes, and PMD’s.

New Fork River: 435 CFS @ Big Piney. Bring even more of everything. We’ve had a few days this past week with fish rising all day all over the river. Sounds fun, right? Well, it gets a little tricky because they’re getting picky. Make sure you’re packing foamy dries, Gray Drakes, PMD’s, and Yellow Sallies in a variety of sizes and try different patterns until you find one that they’re willing to eat.

Seedskadee: 647 CFS @ Fontenelle Reservoir. Fishing below the dam has been good down to Slate Creek on Yellow Sallies and PMD’s. Getting into Seedskadee itself, the water is getting pretty darn warm, so probably best to let it be for now.

Lakes: Put on those hiking boots and hit the Winds. The alpine lakes up there are delivering big time on scuds, chironomids, leeches, and caddis. You might just find gold in them thar hills too, as the Golden Trout have been on the prowl. The frontcountry lakes have been fishing great as well; getting a bit deeper is more the ticket right now as the big macs are slinking down to colder water. Inlets, seeps, springs, and any cold water sources near the shore are the prime spots right now to find good numbers of fish.