Liam Winston Cut

3 weight huh?  Bet that was fun!

With the first real fall weather on the way this weekend, it’s time for waders and jackets again.  Fall fishing in Pinedale is in full swing.  You never know what you’ll tie into this time of year as cold water temps have the fish fired up.  Water levels are down, making for some really fun fishing for big fish in skinny water, as Liam up there discovered recently.  Low water means spooky fish, though, so move slow and keep your eyes open, you might be surprised by what’s sitting in the shallows.

New Fork River:  265 CFS @ Big Piney.  It’s streamer time for the big browns but don’t be afraid to put some midge or baetis patterns on a nymph rig.

Green River:  134 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  It’s definitely wade time, with low water making floating a giant hassle.  Look for fish in and around the deeper pockets.  Midges and baetis are the ticket for nymphing, and if there’s surface action try swinging some soft hackle or emerging patterns in the riffles.

Seedskadee:  1070 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam.  Nymphs, nymphs, nymphs.  Sow bugs, Ray Charles, and small Hot Head Pheasant Tails have been the goods.