Liam Carp

Uuuuuuummmmm what?  Liam seems happy about it.

So remember last week when we said it was going to get better?  Well, it did.  It’s dry fly time!  We’re blowing up with bugs around here and the fish are cramming them in as fast as they can.  Flows are looking great and it’s time to break out the arsenal.  We’re seeing caddis, stones, PMD’s, callibaetis, and even…wait for it…some Gray Drakes.  So what do some of the boys do in this first big flurry of topwater activity?  Ignore the feeding trout and go wade around in muck chasing giant goldfish, of course.  Something wrong with those boys.  Well, more trout for everyone else.  Just in time for all this mayhem, we’ve got a pile of great new gear and flies in the shop.  We’ve just received a bunch of rods from Winston, Orvis, and Sage, a pile of Trouthunter leader and tippet (it’s amazing!), the latest from Fishpond and Simms, and some killer reels from our friends over at Abel and Ross.  Thanks to Covid, a lot of things are in very limited supply so stop in and stock up before we run out!  Ok, enough of the shameless shop plug and giant goldfish, here’s Liam in his signature pose with a cute little trout:

The Fishy Stuff:

New Fork River:  1500 CFS @ Big Piney.  We’ve been lighting it up on Chubbies and chunky nymphs.  20 Inchers, big Hare’s Ears, and the latest shop favorite, the Atomic Stone.  It’s big and fish dig it.  We’re seeing PMD’s bouncing around, callibaetis throughout the day, and an errant Drake here and there.

Green River:  1570 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  It’s creeping up again with warm temps over the past few days but it looks like we’ve got some cooler weather coming at the end of the weekend which should put the brakes back on.  Chubbies, Barely Legals, Purple Haze Cripples, Parachute Hare’s Ears, 20 Inchers, FKAP’s, there’s not much they’re not eating.  Put it in front of their face and get ready.

Seedskadee:  2990 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam.  Still a bit big to wade fish, but floating is producing well.  Golden stones, yellow sallies, and PMD’s are banging around all over the place.

Lakes:  Damsels and chironomids are on the march in Soda, with caddis getting whacked on the surface in the evenings.  Alpine lakes are starting to fish really well as they open up.  Some of the lakes holding Goldens are opening up, if you know where to go, it’s time to do some prospectin’.