Chris Brown

Green River?  More like Brown River.

It’s GO TIME!  Water levels are starting to stabilize, fish are moving into their summer holds, and bugs are on the move!  We’ve had a ton of calls with people booking trips so now’s the time to get yours before we fill up for the summer.  We still have good availability through the end of June and with relatively few people on the water, the big boys are more than willing to come out and play!  This week we’ve seen mayflies, caddis, stones, and even some salmonflies bouncing around and the fish are loving it.  Waters are still a bit cloudy but that’s not seeming to stop them.  Dry activity should be only getting better from here!

Trey Wall

Tired of these yet?  Didn’t think so.  Mo Butter Mo Better!

The Fishy Stuff:

New Fork River:  1830 CFS @ Big Piney.  Water levels are still on the high side but fish are chomping.  The worm ruckus is starting to slow down as fish move into their summer holds and bugs get more active.  Attractor patterns and stonefly nymphs in sizes 10-16 are drawing big results.  Look for hatches of callibaetis and golden stones and watch for those heads peeking up!

Green River:  956 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  Same bugs as above, cold temps in the mountains have slowed the flows down and fish are getting after it as the water clears.  Look for fish up against the banks and in the deeper holes.

Seedskadee:  3390 @ Fontenelle Dam.  Big.  Not so big you can’t float, but big.  Might want to give it a few days to stabilize as the flows are being reduced and fish are adjusting.

Creeks:  Smaller creeks are still moving pretty quickly, but if you strap on the hiking boots and take a walk into the hills, you can find some hungry fish eager to eat!

Lakes:  Callibaetis and Caddis are starting to pop on Soda and the big lakes are delivering big fish on jigs or trolling.  Alpine lakes are fishing well and well worth the hike before mosquitopocalypse begins in the high country.