Chris Cutbow

Howsabout something different this week?  Water levels are coming up as foothill snow melts off and some of the small mountain creeks are starting to turn on.  Lace up those boots tight, grab your 4-legged buddy and go for a hike, it may be well worth it.  We’re seeing some muddy water down low in the valley, so if you want to find the fish, get above it!  With warm temps projected through the weekend and into next week, we’ll probably see some more of the brown stuff coming into the main rivers and things are going to be changing fast.  Give us a call in the shop for the latest!

News Flash:  We’re still open, we’re still fishing, and license restrictions have been lifted!  We’ve had lots of calls and questions about trips and the status of the shop in the past week.  We’re still booking trips and taking folks fishing.  Our guides and shop staff are being very careful and taking precautions to keep themselves and our guests safe and we’re happy to work with folks to make sure everybody’s comfortable out there.  Wyoming G&F has again allowed the sale of nonresident single and 5-day licenses and the 14-day quarantine order has been lifted.  So if you want to get out there, give us a call and let’s talk fishing!

Mariah Cutbow

The Fishy Stuff:

New Fork River:  956 CFS @ Big Piney.  The dirt is starting to creep in from the tributaries with Pole Creek, Boulder Creek, and the East Fork pushing higher water into the system.  Fishing has still been productive above the East Fork Confluence on nymphs and streamers.  FKAP’s, Squirmies, Batmans (Batmen?) and Nemecs have been hot for nymphs.  KG’s Eyelash Minnows, Dungeons, and Jawbreakers have been delivering for the streamer junkies out there.  Sorry, not much on dries just yet but it’s coming.  Your floatable stretches are pretty much from the Airport to the confluence.  The town stretch is still pretty darn thin unless you’re in a small raft.  Hard boats should stay off this stretch for now as they’ll tear up the river bottom and it will tear up your boat bottom.

Green River:  786 CFS @ Warren Bridge.  Gettin’ Dirty.  Above Daniel the river is high and off color but not toast just yet.  Fishing will be challenging but can be very rewarding as the big boys are getting their feed on before the real heavy runoff happens.  Flies are about the same as on the New Fork, with a heavy focus on dark and flashy nymphs.  Below Daniel, Horse Creek is pumping mud in and pretty well shutting down the fishing.  The Warren Bridge road is open to the top and pretty dry.

Seedskadee:  1710 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam.  Water levels are fluctuating slightly daily, however the fishing remains pretty darn hot.  Scuds, hothead nymphs, BWO’s and pheasant tail in the 14-20 range have been the ticket.  Streamers are also delivering some big browns if worked right in the deeper stuff.  No word yet on any planned increase in flows, so get it while it’s good!

Lakes:  Everything at the foothill level is open and fishing at this point.  Some biiiiig Macs and Browns have been found cruising the shallows of Fremont.  Soda seems to be off to a bit of a slow start with water temps staying fairly low this past week.  With warmer temps on the way, expect the action to pick up as the bugs get more active.  Scuds, leeches, and small baitfish patterns have been working but patience is key.