Mariah Cutty

Weeeell here we go!  It’s April, the rivers are opening up, and the trout are biting!  Really biting!  The staff at Two Rivers are gearing up for another great season and while we still have some chilly days to deal with, the fishing has been heating up.  Here’s the latest, but first some news from the shop:

Covid-19 News:  Actually not much bad here to report.  We’re all doing just fine and are working on ways to make sure folks can still get out and fish!  We do have a couple of specials going that hopefully help.  First, we’re offering a Social Distancing Special rate for individual anglers who just have to keep their space.  One angler, one day float, $425 until the end of April.  For those in the know, this is a great time to have a chance at some of biggest fish in the river.  We’re also relaxing our Cancellation Policy for trips.  Until further notice, we’re dropping the cancellation window to get a full deposit refund from 60 days to 30 days.  We know it’s uncertain out there and we want to help anglers any way we can.  If you’re thinking of booking a trip but are worried about what’s coming down the road, drop us a line and let’s chat.

Float Trip Raffle:  Things might get a little tight this season, and nobody is going to feel that more around here than our guides.  So we’re going to help them out as much as we can and ask you to show some love.  To start, we’re raffling off a one day float trip.  Tickets are $20 a pop or 6 for $100, which is not too shabby for a full day of guided fishing on some of the best water in the country.  For details or to buy tickets, give us a shout at the shop, 307-367-4131 and show these guys how much they’re appreciated!


Micah Social Distancing

Social Distancing at its finest.  Also, cheaper than a driftboat.


New Fork River:  Open!  Most of the ice has come off the river above highway 351 and folks are getting out floating from the Airport down.  Flows are still pretty low so large driftboats with three people will likely be dragging in places.  We’re seeing fish actively feeding on a variety of nymphs including worm patterns, stoneflies in 12-18 sizes and midges in 16-20.  Streamers are also working, particularly baitfish patterns and the ever popular dungeons in black, white, and olive.  AS A REMINDER, STATE ACCESS LANDS ARE DAY USE ONLY AND FIRES ARE PROHIBITED.  Also, ONLY ARTIFICIAL FLIES AND LURES are permitted from Co. Rd. 123 (Tyler St. access in Pinedale) downstream to the confluence of the East Fork River south of Boulder as per WY G&F regulations.  Please respect the water, the land, and the fish!

Green River:  The Green is still iced over in most places above Fontenelle Reservoir but opening fast.  We’re expecting to see significant open water within the next week and possibly floatable water by the end of the week.  For those looking for a winter wonderland fishing experience, the upper river is open from the forest boundary up to the Kendall warm springs.  Road access stops at the boundary for now, so hiking is mandatory to access this stretch but the fish are eating and getting more active.  Effective patterns have been worms, midges in 16-20, and a variety of attractor pattern nymphs in sizes 12-18.  Look for the deeper riffles to find pods of fish.

Seedskadee:  The Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge below Fontenelle Dam is open for guide season and fishing great.  This is prime time to find good numbers and biiiig fish cruising.  Effective patterns have been a variety of streamers as well as worms, scuds, sowbugs, and midges in sizes 14-20.  This area always has the potential to deliver the fish of a lifetime!

Smaller Creeks:  Still pretty much frozen over, but some of the small spring fed valley creeks are opening up and fish are active.  Duck creek has opened up in the past few days near the 191 access and for the patient angler who wants to practice their ninja skills, some big fish are starting to