This Catch of the Week is from one of TRFC’s exclusive private access areas.

Andrew Drasch  with a healthy Brown Trout from the New Fork River!

Wind and more wind have been the name of the game for this week in the Pinedale area, as summer seems to be slowly arriving in the Wind River Range. The rivers have been on the rise the last 6 days, but they seem to be holding stable the last 24 hours. The water is still high and over the banks in most places, however things are looking to be in great shape for early July. We are super excited about the dry fly fishing that is just around the corner-the Famous Grey Drakes are about to hatch any day now! We project that we will see the first solid hatch from the drakes this coming weekend and fish will start gorging on these large mayflies for the next few weeks. If you are in the area, stop in for the best report on the current conditions, as they are changing daily!

One of the many Private Leases TRFC guides have exclusive access to fish

Why Hire a Guide?

TRFC has created a top ten list of reasons to hire a guide when fishing our area, or any water that’s new to an angler!

1:  No matter how experienced you are, you can always learn something new in the sport of fly fishing–expand your knowledge and skill set! The number one thing that makes hiring a guide well worth the $$ is walking away from the trip a better angler! Hopefully you catch more fish with a guide, but even if the day is slow, you can learn so many new tips and skills from a guide.

2:  Guides are local experts (or should be)-If you want someone who has hundreds of hours (or more likely thousands of hours) fishing, researching, learning, experimenting, and flat-out learning the water-hire a local guide who is fishing the same rivers on their days off. Every river I have ever fished has secrets and a great guide knows the little details that catch fish!

3:  Fish interact with flies a little differently on different rivers-knowing HOW to catch them is valuable! Some rivers you need to have the perfect drift, with long leaders and light tippets to catch a fish, while other rivers you toss big foam bugs and put action into them as soon as they hit the water. Some lakes you need a sinking line and others you don’t. On some rivers the fish want to see the streamers stripped fast and quick, while others like it slow and steady-things like this can take hours to learn as a new angler on the water and lead to lots of frustration.

4: Learn about more then just fishing in the area-local guides live in the area and are a great local resource! Learn what the local community is like and all about living in the area. Find the best places to eat, stay, etc. Most fishing guides are hard-working, honest people trying to make your day of fishing the best it can possibly be. But don’t forget that they also know the best grub spots, best place for a cold beer, and where the locals hang out!

5: Lower the learning curve on your trip and get down to catching fish sooner rather than later-don’t waste 2 days of your 4-day fishing trip trying to learn the water instead of catching fish. Most guides have floated the local waters more times then you can imagine, so fast forward your learning and dont try to re-invent the wheel!

TRFC Guide Austin Keene with clients on a trip on the Upper Green

6: Learn new skills and techniques-if you ask questions and show up with an open mind, guides are your resource to so much knowledge. As a guide myself, for over 15 years, I believe that this is the most overlooked part of a guided trip. Ask you guide lots of questions, ask about your casting, mending, hook set, fish behavior, streamer fishing, dry fly fishing, nymphing, reading water, fighting fish, knots, hook sharpening, flies, fly rods, lines…the list goes on and on and on!  Don’t waste the valuable time you have with a local expert-leave the trip feeling like you learned and grew as an angler! One thing to remember is that a great shop will use guides who do this as their profession, not just any kid with a boat. And that makes a tremendous difference.

7: You will get to fish the best water for that time of the year-on our local rivers and streams, one of the biggest secrets is knowing what section of the river is fishing the best and that changes daily during the season. Guides know where the hatches are and what section is fishing best. Don’t waste time fishing unproductive sections of a stream and wonder what the big deal is about the hatch they were talking about at the fly shop! They also have a better handle on where other anglers are, and can direct their clients to a less busy section of water for a more productive day.

8: Return home from a full day fishing safe and sound-new water always offers new challenges and unexpected issues. Don’t get caught on a river with a side channel that leads to a irrigation headgate or a river with a tree that blocks the float and you find yourself in a bad situation. Guided float trips or walk/wade trips are a sure way to feel safe on new water, and ensure you return home safe and sound. Professional guides put client safety at the top of their list-make sure your guides are CPR and First Aid Certified-we do, and you should, too.

9: Have the right gear for the fishing in that area-When you show up to fish, having the right rod weights, reels, lines and flies for a new river and area can be a lot to process and plan for. With a guided trip, you can just show up with a fishing license and some sunglasses and the guide will take care of the rest!

10:  Save money-yes a guided trip can seem like a lot of money, but when you consider that you don’t have to buy gear, flies, a drift boat, pay for a shuttle, buy lunch, drinks, and that you have exclusive access to a knowledgeable local expert that will spend 8 or more hours with you teaching you about the water, fish and flies to use in that area, you are getting lot of bang for your buck! The investment to your fly fishing skills and knowledge alone offer an enormous value. A well-guided trip should leave you with lots of new skills, techniques, and fishing philosophy to ponder, practice, and perfect for years to come!

Green River- 2100 cfs

Big Trophy-Sized Bows slamming bugs while fishing on the Green

The Green River is running dirty but fishable.  We are waiting for the Gray Drakes-and anticipate that hatch will start this weekend! We are seeing alot of fish eating worms and big streamers off the banks. Dry fly action has slowly been starting this week, with big stones and PMD action. The bobber is working well and if the flows hold for a few more days, the fishing should be great this week. Some dry fly action is happening in the evening if you’re in the right spots and the wind is not blowing too hard. The best flyies for this section are Big, Heavy, and Articulated if you’re tossing streamers. If you’re trying to catch a picky dry-fly eating fish, try a PMD or a small stonefly pattern.

TRFC offers float trips, walk/wades and lessons!!!

New Fork River-3100 cfs

This river been rising a little the last few days. Worms, Stoneflies, and rubber-legs have been working well! If you’re not sure how to fish this little river, call the shop-we have guides that have been fishing this place daily and understand how and where to catch fish! The New Fork is a great dry fly river and fishing the Drake hatch out of a drift boat is an unforgettable experience! Book a trip for mid-July and be assured to catch this hatch!

Seedskadee: 4000 cfs

This section of the Green River is slowly dropping-the flows and fishing is great on the dries and bobber style! We had a few decent days last weekend. The fishing will be best in soft pockets, side channels, and slow-moving water on banks. We should have an excellent July on this river. Fall fishing on the Seedskadee is unreal!  Book early if you’re interested in fishing this river in the fall!


The local lakes are fishing well. Book a trip with our guides and let them show you how they fish our local lakes. We fish many of our lakes with great success during the river run-off. If you have ever considered a lake fishing trip give us a call and we can fill you in with details. Best stillwaters this week were Boulder Lake and Fontenelle. Soda Lake will be the hot topic for the next few weeks, especially at night.

Soda Lake

If you need some pointers on flies or fly lines for this lake, stop by the shop and stock up! Leeches, Scuds, Damsels, and Buggers have been the ticket. We have some killer damsels at the shop that have been producing well. The brookies are aggressive and gorging. The water temps will be on the rise over the next week or two, and that will get the fish feeding and being more active during the day. TRFC has been working different flies and times on this lake over the past 2 weeks and can help any angler catch fish out there. If you want to really learn the lake, book a guided trip out there and enjoy learning the secrets of fishing this famous stillwater.

Access Issues and Closures

New Fork: Check daily on the bridges and road headed into the Airport access-water levels are high.

Green River: No issues or closures. Just be careful with increased flows, as the river can get big and dangerous.

If you are wading, be cautious, especially in off-color water. Riverbeds can change drastically during high water, and if you can’t see the bottom, use good judgment. Remember, it’s better to prepare than to repair. Stay safe out there.

We will be posting frequent updates as the season progresses. Get in on these prime Green River and New Fork River conditions. Book your fishing trip today!

TRFC Guides Tim Scott and Liam Cunningham slinging and stripping bugs this weekend

Guides’ Choice:

New Gear:  TRFC received some new Douglas rods this week. Come cast them!

Fly of the Week:  Leeches! Trout Trap Flies are in for ALL local lakes. Lots of colors have been working-try them all.

Float of the Week:  Green River-Warren Bridge to Daniel! Get the rods and flies ready.

Hot Off the Press:  Two Rivers Fishing Company has many new brands this season! We are located on Pine (main) Street, right in the middle of town. Come by and check out the new Howler Bros. goodies.

Rods and Reels: The new fly rods at TRFC will fit anyone’s needs and budget. We have the Sage X rods in and the Winston FW Air. Both these rods are top-of-the-line and make casting to wily trout feel like cheating.

Street Eats: Wind River Brewing Company! This place has been putting out some great food! Check them out-right by the Great Outdoor Shop!

Quote of the Week: “Was that a fish? It felt like a fish.”- what you say all day fishing a bobber!

As always, pop in the shop and check out the largest selection of flies in Sublette County, and get the most up-to-date fishing conditions firsthand.

‘Til next time: Row On!