TRFC Guide with big brown

Two Rivers Fishing Company is getting new swag, flies, hats, and gear in daily!  Stop by if you planning a fishing trip in Pinedale!  Our guides have been on the water this weekend and  fishing is good!  REAL GOOD!


The Green River is running clear above the Fire Ring.  The fishing up that high has been okay this week and is getting better as the water warms up a little each day.  The traffic from the weekend has cleared so everyone should have a little more space up there over the next few weeks!  The flows are at 2800 cfs today, which is a big drop from 4 days ago!  This river could see a little window of fishing very soon.  Dry flies have been working near green river lakes!

TRFC guides with a Rainbow on the NF


The flows are down to 4410 cfs on the lower section. Worms have been the best fly this week on the river and getting them down a little with a few split shots has worked the best. Check with us and we can let you know where the river is fishing best. We have a few sections and side channels of this river that we can still get you on that could produce some great fishing. Fish streamers and big nymphs and look for little pockets and deeper pools. Slow-moving water along the banks will start to hold more fish as the flows stabilize.  A Worm rig is working best, but we have been seeing very soft takes, so watch your line carefully.  The fish are not holding in there traditional spots and are seeking slow water where they can hang out with a food source close.  Make sure you bring some split shots to get your flys down!  The boulder bridge is not an option for most drift boats models due to the clearance.  Water clarity is good above pole creek , and then is about 2 feet.


Guide Andrew Drasch with a NEW FORK BROWN!


This river is a great option for early season fishing. Working under Wind River Troutfitters, LLC, TRFC offers guided float trips on this fishery. We currently have 2 guides that are permitted to run this section, so call us up and we can get you there. The flows have been on the rise, but the fishing has still been solid. The river is currently running at 6740 cfs which is a small increase since earlier in the week.  Most anglers fish below the surface on this tailwater with scuds, midges, worms and leeches. The fishing has been really good below the dam and when the wind dies down some dry fly action has been fun! Streamers work this time of the year, so make sure you chuck them too if the fishing slows down. A sink-tip line is your best bet right now.  If you have never fished this water-  it should be on your bucket list!


Soda Lake has been fishing good for limited times during the day.  Our shop is getting new colored leech patterns in daily this week!  These are custom tied by our local guides and work great up there!  The fish are starting to move into the shallows with more consistency and sight fishing is a good option during the day.   Early morning hours and late evening the fish are more active and streamers / buggers / leeches / mice have been working.  Scuds and chrons are consistently working too.  Stop the shop so you can pick up some new lake flies for SODA! Our shop is currently getting more and more lake flies for this fishery.  We have some new leeches and damsels that have been working really well.

Access Issues and Closures

Boulder Bridge on the New Fork is still dangerous!

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Green River: Flows at the Warren Bridge gauging station are 2800 cfs.
New Fork River: Flows at the Highway 351 gauging station are 4470 cfs.

Seedskadee: Flows at Fontenelle are 6740 cfs.

Guides’ Choice:

New Gear: TRFC got some new rods in this week. We have a casting area behind the shop if you want to try casting some of these new rods. The Sage X against the Wintson BIIIX is a fun casting comparison.

Fly of the Week: Leeches and Worms.  Leeches on the lakes and Worms on the river! The Fish are literally belly full of worms on the river!

Float of the Week: Seedsakdee is producing good fish and holds the best option for float trips. But we have been doing great on the New Fork!

Hot off the press:  TWO RIVERS is getting in more and more flies!  Check out the new leech patterns for SODA LAKE!

Rods and Reels: The new fly rods at TRFC will fit anyone’s needs and budget. We have the Sage X rods in and the Winston BIIIX. Both these rods are top of the line and make casting to early season wily trout feel like cheating.

As always, pop in the shop and check out the largest selection of flies in Sublette County, and get the most up-to-date fishing conditions firsthand.

‘Til next time: Row On!