The Shop

From day one, Two Rivers Fishing Company has had a mission: take care of our fisheries and take care of our clients. We are proud to say that those values and that vision have not, and will not change. As leaders in a growing industry, we are committed to excellence with ethics, and we strive to preserve and protect the natural balance of our fisheries while continuing to cater to our clientele with the exemplary award-winning guide services that have made Two Rivers the proven fly-fishing outfitter in western Wyoming for over twenty years.

The Crew

EricOwner / Director of Guide Operations
JoshOwner / Director of Retail Operations
LauraOwner / Director of Social Media & Marketing

About Us

So who are we? Why choose us?

Amongst us there is a teacher, a computer programmer and a writer. There’s a couple dads and a mom. There’s a Wyoming native and a couple of crazy flatlanders. There’s a popcorn fanatic, Snickers bar eater and a give-me-Sweetarts-or-give-me-death sour candy lover. We love coffee and ice cream and coffee-flavored ice cream because it’s brilliant. We bicker over who’s turn it is to clean the shop bathroom and argue over one another’s music choices. We love the Wind River mountains. We love our small community. And we really, really love to fish. The sound of the river calls to us, and there’s no greater feeling than when a wily trout slams a fly.

Look, at the end of the day we’re just like you. We’re avid outdoor-enthusiasts who like to hike, climb, and fish. We each followed those passions here, and now share them in a way that only the truly passionate can. That passion has a tangibility about it-you can feel it. It’s authentic. While we may have different backgrounds, different choices in music and candy and argue over the correct way to spell gray/grey (it’s with an ‘a’ in the United States, by the way), we are all agreed upon one simple thing: this is not just a job-this is our livelihood.

And that right there…that’s why you should choose us.

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